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#39 A Conversation with Katherine Zock, Vice-President & Director, Friends of the Bargello

Updated: May 9, 2022

Saturday, February 26th 2022

The recording of this session is available for $10.

The Bargello, also known as the Palazzo del Bargello, Museo Nazionale del Bargello, or Palazzo del Popolo, is a former barracks and prison, now a museum in Florence with extraordinary collections and many masterpieces. In 2018, the Friends of the Bargello was founded, an Anglo-American organization created “to raise funds to maintain, preserve and publicize the museum and its collections.”

Art advisor Katherine Zock, vice president of the board of Friends of the Bargello, will talk about the museum, its treasures, and the work of the organization, as well as the upcoming exhibition on Donatello, scheduled to open at the Bargello and the Palazzo Strozzi on March 19, 2022!

Promising to be the Italian cultural highlight of the year, this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition will reconstruct the preeminent career of one of the most influential masters of Italian art. Curated by Professor Francesco Caglioti, also the author of the extensive exhibition catalogue, this show will remain as the defining guide in this area of quattrocento art history.

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