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Inspired by the Renaissance concept of the Studiolo (a room dedicated to study and contemplation in the palazzi of the Italian noble families) my virtual interview series with museum directors, curators and bestselling authors are meant to educate, and inspire!  


The Fall 2023 Season of the interviews will takes on the exploration of art collections in Florence, Venice, Rome and Cortona! We will get to know painters such as Luca Signorelli, Pontormo, and Giulia Lama. Get inside the books on Venetian Doges, and Vittoria Colonna (the best friend and muse of Michelangelo). We will welcome two distinguished museum directors: James Bradburne will talk about his eight years as the director of Milan's Pinacoteca di Brera, while Angelo Tartuferi will take us on behind-the-scenes of the Museo di San Marco in Florence. And last but not least, I’ll be delighted to introduce you to Lady Vittoria Colonna di Stigliano (named in honor of her distant relative), who will talk about what it is like to be a modern-day Renaissance woman. In December, my “holiday special,” will feature beautiful Nativity paintings by Venetian artists.

I hope you'll join me as we continue on this adventure with a global community of Friends of Paola's Studiolo! Bevenuti!

Ten live events for $208!  

Enjoy a private access to all the upcoming Studiolo conversations, 

September to December 2023!

If you cannot join us live, a recording will be sent to watch at your convenience.

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