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Inspired by the Renaissance concept of the Studiolo (a room dedicated to study and contemplation in the palazzi of the Italian noble families) my virtual interview series with museum directors, curators and bestselling authors are meant to educate, and inspire!    


The Spring 2024 Season includes:


  • The presentation of two new books (hot of the Oxford and Cambridge University press), 

  • interviews with bestselling authors, and museum curators

  • look at the importance of classical training for artists

  • a reveal of a "sleeper" discovered by one of England's most popular art dealers

  • and a bonus interview on living in Venice today!

I hope you'll join me as we continue on this adventure with a global community of Friends of Paola's Studiolo! Bevenuti!

Eleven live events for $208!  

Enjoy a private access to all the upcoming Studiolo conversations, 

January to May 2024!

If you cannot join us live, a recording will be sent to watch at your convenience.

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