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For Opera di Santa Croce, Paola coordinated and co-curated two international exhibitions:


"Sisters in Liberty: from Florence, Italy to New York, New York "

The exhibition, currently on view at the Ellis Island Museum of Immigration, explores the intersection between the ideas that inspired two monumental statues of Liberty: Liberty of Poetry, by Pio Fedi in the church of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy, in 1883 and Frédéric Bartholdi’s Statue of Liberty, which was inaugurated in New York in 1886. The visitors will discover and interact with the symbols, voices and heroes of liberty and free-thinking. A key objective of the experience is the exploration of the long-standing cultural ties between Italy and the United States through themes of art, architecture, liberty, poetry and the human condition. 

The exhibition was featured in Forbes, ArtNet and Art Tribune among others.

Serbia terra di affreschi/Serbia Land of Frescoes Exhibition

A traveling exhibition of the copies of the most important Serbian Medieval frescoes preserved in the Gallery of Frescoes of the National Museum of Belgrade. It was done in 2011 – 2012 in collaboration with Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia, National Museum of Belgrade, UNESCO Historic  Center of Florence, Opera di Santa Croce, Studio Teologico per Laici di Santa Croce, Syracuse University in Florence.

After Santa Croce in Florence, the exhibition travelled to Rome (church of Santissimi Apostoli) and Viterbo, Italy in the church of Santa Maria della Salute. 

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