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#82 The Gondola Maker: A Conversation with Laura Morelli

Saturday, March 30th Live on Zoom

10am Los Angeles and Phoenix, 1pm NY & Toronto, 6pm London, 7pm Florence

We are delighted to welcome art historian and author Laura Morelli back to Paola’s Studiolo, to talk about her book, The Gondola Maker.  In the heyday of the Venetian Republic, some 10,000 gondolas transported dignitaries, merchants, and goods through the crowded canals and lagoons of the water-logged city. Today, only about 400 gondolas glide through the waterways of Venice. But across the city and the outlying islands, a handful of boatyards (squeri) still make and repair gondolas using modern techniques and power tools, although each year, fewer and fewer authentic gondolas are turned out by hand. A small group of specialized master boat builders working in historic boatyards now holds the craft—literally—in their hands.  Join Laura to explore the fascinating history of the Venetian gondola.


Then, dive deep into the creation of her historical novel, The Gondola Maker, a story set in the vibrant Venetian boatyards of the 16th century.

Laura Morelli holds a Ph.D. in art history from Yale University and is an award-winning, bestselling historical novelist, often tapping into the lives of Italian artists.



Venetian gondola-maker Luca Vianello considers his whole life arranged. His father charted a course for his eldest son from the day he was born, and Luca is positioned to inherit one of the city’s most esteemed boatyards. But when Luca experiences an unexpected tragedy in the boatyard, he believes his destiny lies elsewhere. Soon he finds himself drawn to restore an antique gondola with the dream of taking a girl for a ride.

Minimum suggested donation: $20

This talk is free for Friends of Paola's Studiolo!

Look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

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