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#46 Greg Vance’s Venice: A Photographer’s Passion

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Saturday, May 28, 2022

In an intimate conversation, photographer Greg Vance take us on a photographic journey to Venice. Greg is an Australian who lives three-to-four months each year in Venice, his photographic passion. He first visited Venice in 1983, and like so many others, was immediately enchanted by La Serenissima. For several years, his annual trips to Venice were a holiday from his other life as a management training consultant, giving him a chance to recharge and reignite his passion. Since moving away from his business in 2009, however, Greg has been able to devote his time to sharing the beauty and wonder that is Venice through his photography on Facebook and Instagram.

Greg fell in love with Venice in winter, and his annual stays in Venice always include that time of year. The light is unique at different times of day; the changing weather conditions allow a variety of photographic opportunities; and there are always favorite places to see again and new sites to discover.

In this special session of Paola’s Studiolo, Vance shared some of his most cherished places and views of La Serenissima!

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