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#76 The Art of Spotting a “Sleeper”: A Conversation with Nicholas Cox

Saturday, January 27th Live on Zoom

10am Los Angeles and Phoenix, 1pm NY & Toronto, 6pm London, 7pm Florence

Every art dealer dreams of spotting a “sleeper,” a stellar painting whose identity and authorship has been lost over time. Nicholas Cox, a specialist in portraiture from the 17th to the 20th centuries, travels widely to discover beautiful paintings and drawings for Period Portraits, his widely-followed Instagram account. His inventory includes quality oil paintings, drawings, and mezzotints from both British and European artists.

In this special 76th edition of Paola’s Studiolo interview, Nick Cox explains why a keen eye, connoisseurship, and a large art library are his keys to spotting these “sleeping” treasures. In this session, you will have the chance to view a previously unseen work by Lavinia Fontana(1552 - 1614), the noted Baroque artist from Bologna. Nick will share with you his process of discovery of this exceptional miniature portrait and how it is now a significant addition to the full catalogue of Fontana’s oeuvre. Art dealer Nick Cox, based in North Yorkshire in England, was the very first to launch on Instagram as an online art dealer and, a decade later, he has a loyal worldwide following who regularly watch his posts and his “paintings of the day.” Nick’s background in high fashion (as an editor at Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar) inform his specific interest in costume and his stock of highly decorative paintings.

Minimum suggested donation: $20

This talk is free for Friends of Paola's Studiolo!

Look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

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