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#17 A Life of Words: Editing Florence

Updated: May 23, 2021

Interview with Helen Farrell, editor in chief of The Florentine

May 1, 2021

No one knows Florence better than editor in chief of The Florentine and my dear Helen Farrell. During our interview she asked everyones burning questions - when you can travel to Italy, the current situation with museums, your favorite restaurants, and so much more!

Editors lead bizarre and busy lives. In the last 24 hours, Helen Farrell, editor in chief of The Florentine, Florence's foremost English magazine, has reported on Tuscany's first Starbucks opening ("NO!"), shared the glimmer of hope at the return of vaccinated American travellers to the European Union ("At last!"), and has sent the May issue (The Art Issue) to press. The Art Issue of The Florentine offers insight into the layers of contemporary culture in Florence through interviews, news and articles. From Michelangelo’s artificial intelligence to forthcoming performance art at the British Institute and embracing outdoor spaces as spaces for creativity, the cover poses the question of What Constitutes Art? as we show David’s “twin”, a Carrara marble-dusted resin copy that is representing Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai. Email to inqure about the recording of this interview.

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