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#30 "How to Live, Love & Eat the Italian Way Wherever You Are with the Bella Figura II"

Updated: May 9, 2022

Conversation with Kamin Mohammadi and Danila Di Croce

Saturday, November 20, 2021

It was so much fun to welcome Kamin and Danila to my virtual studiolo back in September and talk about all things Bella figura and all the joys of the Italian lifestyle, that we did it again! This time we talked about the joys of the Autumn in Tuscany, vendemmia, Kamin's new olive oil, and Danila's upcoming virtual Dolce Vita Mercato.

Kamin shared her journey with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), and why she harvests, bottles and sells her own special selection of fresh ‘green’ EVOO, direct from the land she lives on, the Colgonole estate (which also features in her book Bella Figura.) "Tuscan olives have been known as the best olives in Italy since ancient Roman times and are famous in Italy for its amazing flavour and excellent digestive qualities and nutrition. The recipes for olive oil have been passed down through generations from the Romans and Etruscans onwards. In this event with Paola I will tell you about my own EVOO journey and unpack further the amazing health and beauty benefits of this simple and everyday food, and how you can dramatically improve your health with fresh green EVOO."

Danila talked about her upcoming virtual event meant to recall one of the revered cultural experiences -mercato - the traditional open air market, which will include even a tour of the celebrated Christmas market live from Naples!

And from my end, I talked about the bountiful paintings of Dispensa [Pantry], in reference to the areas used for food storage and preservation next to the large kitchens of 17th-century palaces and villas, that are found in the collection of the Uffizi galleries. We looked into a fun and incredibly rich project, #uffizidamangiare (#uffizitoeat)!

Click here to watch Bella Figura I.

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