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#42 On the Lost Venetian Church: A Conversation with Art Historian Carlo Corsato

Updated: May 9, 2022

Saturday, March 19 2022

The recording of this session is available for $10.

Dr Carlo Corsato is an Educator at The National Gallery, London and an expert in the art and architecture of early-modern Venice. Together with Prof Deborah Howard, he edited Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. Devotional Space, Images of Piety, the first monographic book written on the church. He has also published articles in leading specialist journals and contributed to important exhibition catalogues, including Titian. Love, Desire, Death (The National Gallery, London). His most recent publications include Lives of Tintoretto, Lives of Titian, and the edition of Dr Alison Sherman's The Lost Venetian Church of Santa Maria Assunta dei Crociferi.

This book presents the first detailed investigation of the history and decoration of one of the most important churches of Venice in the 16th century: Santa Maria Assunta dei Crociferi. Painters and sculptors of the stature of Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Palma il Giovane, Vittoria and Campagna all contributed major works of art, many of which survive in the present-day church of the Gesuiti. This excellent piece of scholarship was originally the doctoral thesis submitted by the late Allison Sherman to the University of St Andrews in 2010. Tragically, Allison passed away in 2017 before publishing her research. Only three years later, on the occasion of Allison's 41st birthday, Carlo had succeeded to make available to the general public a scholarly edited and fully illustrated digital version of one of the most fascinating books on the art and history of Renaissance Venice: The Lost Venetian Church of Santa Maria Assunta dei Crociferi: Form, Decoration, Patronage. The ebook is available free of charge (no subscription or registration are required.)

Carlo will talk about how the project came about – a story of love and generosity – and present Allison's new research on Tintoretto's Assumption of the Virgin and Titian's Martyrdom of St Lawrence – two stories of piety, murder and redemption.

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