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#73 The Museum of San Marco in Florence: A Conversation with Angelo Tartuferi

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Saturday, December 2nd Live on Zoom

10am Los Angeles and Phoenix, 1pm NY & Toronto, 6pm London, 7pm Florence

This special edition of Paola’s Studiolo will focus on the Museum of San Marco, a home to figures such as Beato Angelico, Cosimo the Elder the Medici and Savonarola. The museum director Angelo Tartuferi will share with us his vision for the future of the place deeply rooted in the Florentine past.

We will talk about a major exhibition planned for 2025, restoration projects and some of Tartuferi’s favorite works housed in the old convent of the Dominican friars. A special look will be given to the spectacular Tabernacle of the Linaioli (Linen manufacturers) which was designed by Lorenzo Ghiberti and painted by Beato Angelico, in the early 1430s (detail of the angel on the left). The tabernacle has been in the first room of the museum, (recently completely restored thanks to the efforts of Friends of Florence), since 1924.

Considered one of the world’s leading experts on the Tuscan painting from 1200-1300s, Tartuferi was a student and collaborator of legendary names in the history of art, such as Mina Gregori, and Miklós Boskovits with whom he worked as the editor of the "Corpus of Florentine Painting" at the German Institute of Art History in Florence. He is the author of numerous monographs, essays and articles in magazines such as Paragone Arte, Arte Cristiana, Antichità Viva, Commentari d'arte, Revue de l' Art, and Art History Studies. He also collaborated on The Dictionary of Art, the Allgemeines Kűnstler-Lexicon, the Encyclopedia of Medieval Art and the Biographical Dictionary of Italians, for which he edited numerous entries.

In his long and distinguished career as the official of the Italian Ministry of Culture, Tartuferi served as director of the Uffizi Gallery (Department of Painting from the Thirteenth to the Fifteenth Century), Galleria dell'Accademia and Director of the Antiquities and Art Export Office of the BAP Superintendence of Florence, Pistoia and Prato. What a joy to do this session of Paola’s Studiolo from the San Marco Museum, under Tartuferi’s direction from May of 2020.


Minimum suggested donation: $20

This talk is free for Friends of Paola's Studiolo!

Look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Warmest regards,


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