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"The Basilica of Santa Croce: American Reflections" 

An unusual guide of the monumental complex of Santa Croce, seen through the eyes of the American visitors, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, and Henry James.

The book edited by Paola Vojnovic for Opera di Santa Croce, offers an insider’s view on what these famous travelers decided to write home about. 

First published by Opera di Santa Croce in 2012, the book is now in its' second edition and features chapters by Robert Edsel and James Ivory. Both editions were produced in partnership with the USA Consulate of Florence.  

Cimabue’s World Tour: The Flood Symbol's Visit to the Metropolitan Museum

The Cimabue Crucifix in Santa Croce, heavily damaged by the flood of 1966, came head-to-head with "death's cruel embrace." It then went on to cross the ocean and to become a symbol of Florentine resilience.

Explore Sammezzano Castle: The last of Tuscany's hidden treasures?

Built in the19th century, this magnificent castle was one man's dream of the exotic far lands of the Orient. The castle is closed to the public for the last 20 years and its future remains uncertain. 

"Il Ponte delle immagini"

Le vie bizantine della pittura murale dai monasteri ortodossi della Serbia ai cicli pittorici in basilica di Santa Croce a Firenze.  A cura di Giuseppe De Micheli e Paola Vojnovic e con collaborazione di Adriano Antonioletti Boratto, Rosa D’Amico, Archimandrita Nikolaos Papadopoulos, Bojan Popovic. Published in Italian by Opera di Santa Croce, May 2013.

Santa Croce in Pink: Untold Stories of Women and their Monuments 

This book, edited by Linda Falcone and written by Giulia Bagioli, Linda Falcone, Donata Grossoni, and Paola Vojnovic celebrates extraordinary women buried or celebrated in the church of Santa Croce.  With the unification of Italy, the Basilica of Santa Croce became known as the Pantheon of Italian Glories, where the country’s most illustrious personalities would find their final resting place. Many marble tombs to prominent women—from princesses to art patrons and political figures—still grace the complex, although their stories have often slipped into oblivion.  Available for purchase in English and Italian at the bookstore of Santa Croce.

UNESCO Sites in Serbia: A Slice of Paradise

From the Roman heritage to medieval monasteries in Kosovo, this article explores the UNESCO Sites of Serbia.

La sacrestia di Santa Croce: le sue funzioni nel '300

Citta di Vita, May 2007.

Vaspasiano da Bisticci, a Renaissance Bookseller

This article explores the life of one of the most important manuscript dealers and makers of the 15th century.

Renaissance portrait medals